So you found your way to my website, eh? Well you might as well take a look around while you are here...


picture of David Hamric

Hi. My name’s Dave and I build websites.

More specifically, I am a front end web developer in the Washington D.C. area. Currently I’m working as a software engineer for Perfect Sense Digital in Reston, VA.

Things I like and may talk a lot about: Live music, food, superheroes, videogames, and movies. I also follow Crossfit. I wouldn't put it as one of my likes, but it makes me feel a lot better about coding at a desk all day. Also, I have a severe hatred for anyone named Barbara or Murph.

You can take a look at some of the sites I’ve worked on below. Interested in a site or have a question? Send me an email

Feeling nostalgic? Visit my old site (with the blog).